What #Sydney people are said to wish #auspol

Top-10 neighbourhood place attributes valued by respondents across the nine precincts:

1. Elements of natural environment (natural features, views, vegetation, topography, water, wildlife etc.) – 67%
2. General condition of public open space (street trees, footpaths, parks etc.) – 62%
3. Sense of neighbourhood safety (from crime, traffic, pollution etc.) – 54%
4. Access to neighbourhood amenities (cafes, shops, health and wellness services etc.) – 51%
5. Access and safety of walking, cycling and/or public transport (signage, paths, lighting etc.) – 51%
6. Sense of personal safety (for all ages, genders, day or night) – 48%
7. Local businesses that provide for daily needs (grocery stores, pharmacy, banks etc.) – 47%
8. Walking/jogging/bike paths that connect housing to communal amenity (shops, parks etc.) – 46%
9. Protection of the natural environment – 43%
10. Connectivity (proximity to other neighbourhoods, employment centres, shops etc.) – 40%

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